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Welcome to Legends of Immortals private server

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Welcome to Legends of Immortals private server

Post by TheRipperâ„¢ on Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:39 am

First of all welcome to Legends of Immortals, a BOI(Battle of the Immortals) PRIVATE server.

Like any other place, here we have rules which MUST be followed.
If you do not agree with that sentence leave now, If you agree on following every rule below then make yourself at home...

1 - No spam (includes forum/in-game/ticket)
2 - No flooding (^)
3 - English language on ANY public chat. (We take no action for guild chats)
4 - Respect not only the GM's and staff but the whole community.
5 - We strictly forbid any advertising.
6 - No begging
7 - Cheating/glithcing/hacking is forbidden.
8 - No Double Posting, this is to keep the forum as tidy as possible.
9 - Only Genuine sellers/buyers in the black market.
10 - All scammers will be banned without warning (with proof provided from victims).

The penance for breaking the rules are the following:

Breaking ANY rules 1 time, you will get a warn 2 times you get a temporary 1-7 days ban, break the rule one more time and a more rough action will be taken depending on the behavior (30day ban - Permanent ban).
Said that, you must not even try to abuse ZEN/Daily rewards system.

By accepting these Terms, you are aware that any problem or virus infection on your machine is none of our concern and we will take NO responsibility as we guarantee that our files/modifications/client and its content are in no way harmful

This list will be updated as the server grows, be sure to check it once and a while.
Enjoy your stay on the server and HF!!!

-Administration Team.

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