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Movies / Videos (links if posible from youtube)

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Movies / Videos (links if posible from youtube)

Post by TheRipper™ on Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:37 am

Post here the movies you watched and liked so we can do too Smile

Cool Movies! (All genres)

   Post here some of the movies you have seen and write in () the genre.

   Scary Movie (I-V) - (comedy)
   The Hangover I,II,III - (comedy)
   Harold & Kumar Go to ***** Castle- (comedy)
   Dude, Where's My Car? - (comedy)
   American Pie (all) - (comedy)
   Expendables I,II -(action)
   Dark Knight -(action)
   Terminator 5 -(action)
   Matrix Reloaded -(action)
   Constantine -(action) +1
   Die Hard (all) -(action-comedy)
   Sherlock Holmes 2009 -(action-comedy)
   Iron man I,II -(action)
   V from Vendetta -(action)
   Crank -(action-comedy)
   Casino Royale
   Jason X -(horror)
   Chucky (all) -(horror)
   Hansel and Gretel : Witch hunters (action)
   The Cabin in the Woods (2012) +1 Good movie -(horror)
   Sinister (2012) -(horror)
   Jack the Giant Slayer(2013)-(adventure)
   I will add more when i can xD

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Re: Movies / Videos (links if posible from youtube)

Post by Clariska on Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:06 am

If i have to write all the Movies Down i like.We will have a Dictionary XD

We'll some that i do like Are

Leon Schuster(Some of them are in English some in my Native that i doubt anyone on Server will understand)
You,Me and Dupree
Not another teen movie
Change up(most prob one of the Funniest things every XD)
All Marvel Comic Movies cept Xmen(As i read the Comics and watch the animated series i personally think they messed up all the movies)
Pitch Black
10 Things i hate about you
Triple Dog
Megamind(Actually about any type of Animation i like)

to be there's just to many good movies Exclamation 

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