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Current Open Positions.

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Current Open Positions. Empty Current Open Positions.

Post by TheRipper™ on Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:31 am

Current Open Positions.

   Hello guys,

   At the moment the only positions open to application are forum positions, and until the game grows i doubt that there will be very many in game vacancies for staff applications.

   List of Roles/Up-Coming Roles.

   Forum Administrator - Closed
   Forum Moderator - Open
   Forum Media Team - Open
   Forum Graphics and Design - Open
   Experts - Open

   All in-game roles will be added when/if they('re) open.

   Roles Explained.

   Forum Administrators
   A forum administrator is basically someone who controls the whole forum, editing plugins, modules, styles, templates, CMS and a Forum Administrator also has somewhat authority over forum based staff such as moderators and Graphics designers.

   Forum Moderators
   Forum Moderators control the traffic on the forum, posts, threads and users. It is a moderators job to clean up any spam or other unwanted content from the forum and punish any users that may break the rules and/or terms of service from the forum.

   Forum Media Team
   The forums media team is to control the flow of media from in-game to the forum, they will upload promotional videos, screenshots, events etc as well as keeping other players updated on the latest contests. The Media Team will also have a chance of coming up with new contests for us to host within the next year or so and keep the forum/game fun.

   Forum Graphic Designers
   Graphic Designers are basically the moderators of the GFX Section in the forum, the will host signature events, or banner contests etc and keep you guys updated on the latest graphics news which may include gears/pets i will leave that up to Necros. the Graphics team must have experience in graphical design and have posted their work onto either their application or the graphics category.

   Experts are basically players from the game that have a high standard of knowledge when it comes to Battle of the Immortals, and these experts will be expected to participate in the latest events and help new users get the jist of the game either in game or around the forum. The Experts are entitled to a lot of respect in and around the forums/in-game as they will be a great asset to the server.

   Any more information required regarding forum vacancies please message either Me or Necros and we will get back to you with that information.
   As for rewards/payment, none have been decided for each role; and you are not to expect payment except for respect around the community and granted title of staff.
   I do not get paid, zen or otherwise as this is all voluntary so if you volunteer you should expect no more, however if this does change the administration team will update the thread or let you know when you apply.

   Thank you all for reading,
   Good luck in your applications.
~Credits to GodsCarnage™

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