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    Server is back!!!

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    Server is back!!! Empty Server is back!!!

    Post by LingChoiSun Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:30 am

    Hey there Legends!
    The server is up and running as of 04/12/2013. 19:34, GMT: -3:00. Ignore following text if your don't care for information!

    Have old client but server is black? Use THIS

    As we had problems with dedicated and our only coder had to spend all his time on his job.
    We had to close the server due to several bugs on database and connection issues, as not all things last forever, nor will disappear forever! Laughing 

    Today with the help of good friend we managed to purchase a new dedicated server!

    It will come back at full speed, though we need time to setup and backup everything so it might take a few hours maybe even a day until everything has been properly set up.

    A list of confirmed changes are...

    Server EXP is now 6000x
    Drop rates untouched.
    Guilds being wiped.
    The previous 1k Legendary Gold we gave as prize removed.

    And a few changes we have as idea but still deciding...

    Return use of lower level gears and boost them to a X point and make it harder to obtain.
    Adjustment of pets, instances and bosses;
    Additional gems;

    03/12/2013 - Some people were scared of wipe, we found a way to avoid it. We are disabling EVERY character. "-But Ling, isn't that same as wiping". No it's not friends, your char will be untouched but only will be shut down so your power and name won't appear on rankings. Get it ? (Don't ask me why we came to this conclusion though)
    04/12/2013 - HEADS UP!

    About the last update (read above), we need to warn you guys that you must log-in within 45 days or your character will be DELETED.

    I'll be changing this topic if any changes occur Smile
    Until then... Arrivederci ~Ling

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