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Xat chat rules

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Xat chat rules Empty Xat chat rules

Post by TheRipper™ Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:16 am

Xat and Forum chat rules:

  1)Do not ask to become a Moderator/Owner/GM or PM unless the staff aproved of it.
  2)Only english in the main chatbox, other languages in private chat.
  3)Spamming,flooding,insulting, harassing or bullying is forbidden.Trolling will be permited in a certain amount, if its inapropriate and its continuated the person will be banned for 1 hour.
  4)No advertising or you will be permanently banned.
  5)Please only use English. You can use the translator if needed.http://translate.google.com/
  6)No smile spam, no more then 4 smilies in your name or 4 smilies in a message.
  7)Do not over-use capital letters. You are allowed to do "OMG" or "YES" but do not make whole sentences in capital letters.
  8)Do not argue with staff.
  9)Do not ask for people to be unbaned unless they are gamebanned and you show a screen shot of them asking to be unbanned.Also the banned people wont be unbanned if they commited a major offense.
  10)Do not sell accounts here of any kind.
  11)No scamming or phishing.
  12)No hack discussions.
  13)No advertising unless given permission. Other battle of immortals private servers and xat chats are not allowed .All things regarding other boi private servers are not allowed unless the staff aproved it.
  In order to avoid being banned or having your post deleted , please observe the above rules.

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